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Transformation story

Leveraging Engage Process

Due to changes in the funding system, councils are forced to rethink how they deliver services to their citizens. Both the changes in where funding comes from and the amount councils can spend, warrants transformation programmes that make councils smarter and more cost effective, whilst retaining a focus on service standards.

Meet the transformation leader

That’s where Leo comes in. Leo is a Transformation Leader within a council in the UK. As a Transformation Leader, he leads a team of business analysts during projects that focus on improving business performance and drive change in the organisation.

These projects include topics such as digital transformation for new IT systems, setting up new services for the council, outsourcing activities and projects where the council works together with other organisations etc.

One of the most important aspects for Leo is the ability to take the council’s staff along in the transformation. Preferably, this is done bottom up where the teams become co-owners of the transformation and help Leo and his teams of business analysts to drive the change.

Improve Transform
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Leveraging the Engage Process platform

In working with Engage Process, Leo has experienced how the council’s core processes can be the backbone for transformation. Many, if not all, business transformation aspects have a link to the council’s core processes and by highlighting this aspect, the core services and goals of the council are maintained and improved during each of the transformation programs.

More so, by using the processes as the central backbone, they are proved to be at an incredible cost advantage. Once the processes are explored and mapped for one transformation programme, they can also be successfully used for the next. The processes bring all the programs together, with efficiency and effectiveness, while simultaneously getting the staff involved in the process.

Engage Process has proven to be an enabling technology due to its ease of use. Its functions for linking many different data-sets to processes and process steps, alongside its ability to involve all staff in processes, is something Leo and his team of analysts have never experienced before.

With features for showing processes in many different ways and highlighting different aspects of services with the ease of a comic book is eye-opening for the teams.

Here to help

Processes are often common ground, which means that you don’t have to map each process from scratch.

How does this work in practice? When using a new platform or tool it can be helpful to have a push in the right direction, so you know where to start. That’s why we’ve prepared implementation guides to help our users leverage Engage Process for all of these actions. These can be of great help to a Transformation Leader, who's charged with managing a large transformation programme.

Seeing is believing

Let us show you why thousands of daily users use Engage Process to improve customer focused processes, make significant savings and enable people driven change.