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Vision paper

People driven change in a non-visual organisation

We all want people driven change, don’t we? People-driven-change has incredible benefits over top-down pushed change. By encouraging the review of processes to start with primary services, you can promoteagility within your organisation that avoids resistance and drives demonstrablechange.

About the Vision paper

In non-visual companies it is critical for the staff to visualise, experience and explore the customer-focused processes that are important to the way your organisation runs.
When teams can visualise processes, they are empowered and feel supported in their contributions to improvements.

Our vision paper explains:
  • What a non-visual organisation is.
  • What the benefits of people driven change are.
  • How to get people-driven change in a non-visual organisation.
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Seeing is believing

Let us show you why thousands of daily users use Engage Process to improve customer focused processes, make significant savings and enable people driven change.