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3 Reasons our platform is great for remote process improvement

We have seen an increase of over 600 remote sessions per day with the Engage Process platform during the COVID-19 lockdown period. We asked our customers how they find it working with our platform remotely throughout the pandemic and they have given us 3 main reasons why their experience with our platform is so well suited for completing process work from home.

Three reasons why

The following three reasons were given when we asked why the Engage Process platform is great for remote process improvement:

1. The platform is 100% SaaS. This way process improvement can be done anytime, anywhere.

2. The simple and intuitive user interface is essential. Those using the process management platform are able to clearly understand, follow and participate. The playful icons and Hide feature contribute to a clean desktop.

3. Automatic mapping of processes was also highly commended. No matter what you’re looking to achieve with the software, the process is mapped instantly. This is key when keeping (remote) process workshops going.

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Some other reasons why our process management platform is recommended

It has been mentioned that the Brainstorm App is great for getting people to participate in group sessions, with the ability to share results instantly on the Handbook/Viewer. This process is important for the follow-up stage, something that is supported by the integrated Feedback module.

The accessibility of the platform in combination with great collaboration features, makes the Engage Process platform a suitable environment for completing process work from home.

We initially built our platform for on-site workshops, so we are happy to see that the usage and results have increased, despite the COVID-19 related lockdown.

Seeing is believing

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